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Low Carbon Consultancy

Clients can be sure that buildings designed and operated by Low Carbon Consultants will meet the requirements of Part L (Conservation of Fuel and Power) and Building Control Officers can be assured that compliance is being signed off by suitably qualified professionals.

We are able to give you the necessary advice in order for any businesses to reduce their Carbon Footprint.

We lever the cost of a sustainable undertaking with the biggest impact on carbon consumption. In order to achieve cost effective low carbon solutions, Kent Energy Savings applies a standard and proven approach on all design phases:


  • Minimise Energy Demand – use passive measures such as insulation, improved glazing and reduced air permeability to reduce consumption to a minimum.

  • Use Energy Efficiently – use efficient systems to deliver the required loads and lighting levels to reduce consumption to a minimum.

  • Supply Energy from Renewable Sources – substitute non carbon energy for carbon forms, i.e. reduce utility consumption, by using photo-voltaic, solar thermal, wind generators, biomass etc.

We can develop a sustainability brief and specification for any project.   
We look to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions, while incorporating low carbon and renewable technologies.

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